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To receive a purchase quote on your bike, please email us at Please include your name, phone number, email address, year/make/model/mileage, as well as photos of your bike. A WOW representative will be in contact ASAP!

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why sell it to wow

When trading or selling a vehicle to WOW you know that a fair price will be paid for your vehicle.
No ads to place, no phone calls to deal with and no potentially risky transactions for you.
Just bring your bike by for an inspection and leave with payment in hand.
If you are interested in trading or selling your motorcycles please give us an opportunity to buy your bike from you.
A good majority of our bikes come from repeat customer trade ins and that helps give new buyers peace of mind knowing that so many people are willing to come back time after time to keep trading up, down and over with WOW Motorcycles.

Sell Process

Things to know if you want to sell or trade your bike to WOW Motorcycles.

a. All purchases and trades are subject to inspection for final value.
b. Title must be in your name to sell the bike
c. Any lien holder information must be disclosed prior to final purchase
d. WOW prefers NO salvage or rebuilt title vehicles.
e. Must show valid photo ID to sell vehicle

All vehicles have to go through a thorough inspection prior to purchase.
The title must be evaluated or if there is a lien holder, the payoff must be verified.
Please allow 30 –60 minutes for the entire process.


In the event you are unable to bring the vehicle to us, we may be able to come to you.

Since WOW Motorcycles has one of the largest networks of buyers across the country we are able to cover most areas of the nation with someone who can come and evaluate your bike.